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Ben Waters & Sylvester Ulv photographed by HART+LËSHKINA for Men’s Uno


La Plata (The Silver) is the capital city of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Has a population of 740,369 and its metropolitan area has 894,253 inhabitants.
La Plata is a planned city, urban planning paradigm of the late 19th century. It is also an example of “hygiene”, which was becoming important in that time.
The city was awarded at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1889, an event in which the new city was given the two gold medals awarded in the categories “City of the Future” and “Better performance built.”

Source: Wikipedia

The city looks like a big CPU chip.

The Divergent

Evoluzione Rivoluzione

Temptation is always telling you what to do. But it’s been said that it’s best to listen to your heart. Could they be one and the same? That’s what the AXE Lab is testing. Where in your body do you feel temptation?